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Analysis of the application of photovoltaic water pumping system
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Analysis of the application of photovoltaic water pumping system

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At present, energy has become a major issue of common concern to the international community. Photovoltaic power generation is receiving more and more attention because of its renewable and clean characteristics.

 Developed regions and countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan have invested huge amounts of money in research and development. To formulating relevant laws and regulations, actively promoted the industrialization process. What’s more, cultivated and supported the application market.

PV water pumping system composed by PV modules, PV water pumping inverter, water pump and so on. Among them, the PV water pumping inverter is the core equipment of the system. Although it accounts for a small proportion of the overall system cost.

It is to control and regulate the operation of the PV water pumping system. Converting the DC power generated by the PV module into AC power that can directly drive the pump. When the light intensity is insufficient or rainy weather, it can be connected to utility power or oil engine backup power supply method to drive the system to pump water to meet the user's all-weather water demand.

       The PV water pumping inverter controls the motor in a frequency-controlled manner. As the light intensity increases, the output frequency gradually increases. The same time corresponding pump motor speed will be faster and more powerful. No battery interface design, no battery input, for simple water pump storage application scenario. PV water pumping inverter is undoubtedly the best choice.

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