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Bedford---Make Pump Inverter Easy
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Bedford---Make Pump Inverter Easy

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Bedford---Make Pump Inverter Easy

Make pump inverter easy is always the main purpose of our Bedford Company. Why this purpose is so important to us? Since 1993, the year of Bedford founded, we found that most of the pump inverters did not perform that well. And most of them have a very complex control.

So, we aim to simply the control of pump inverter. What’s more, we bring better energy saving function. Last but not least,  make a pump inverter even a fool could know how to use it is always our final goal.

It is no difficult for us to find a water pump in our daily life. Like in the basement, in the villas, or even you can find it in your kitchen. Most of them are equipped with pump inverter for a better usage. Why pump inverter is necessary? Because most of the pump that used for water supply, always went on a full frequency. Even though you only need a little pressure in the top floor of the building, the pump will run on a full speed. So with the help of our pump inverter, there will be less power create. It could save a lot of electric cost.

Let me give you a better example of what our pump inverter can do. For example: If you use 200 tons of water per day, about 25 tons of water per hour, using the principle of frequency invert operation.

2 units of 3kw water pumps.

When someone uses water, the water pump starts to operate with variable frequency to meet the user's water consumption.

When a small number of people use water at night, water is needed. And there is no need to start the water pump, just use the water stored in the surge tank. Small flow and steady flow to maintain pressure, reduce the frequent start of the water pump. So as to achieve the effect of saving water and electricity.

When only 10 tons of water is needed during the low peak period of water use, the pump runs at a variable frequency and runs at a low speed. At this time, the power required by the pump is only about 2.5kw.

So that would be the totally power you could save through this pump inverter. In addition, the use of frequency invert start, for the impact on the start of the water pump and the power grid are relatively small. Which is conducive to the operation of the pump itself.

Also, the pump inverter is becoming more and more commonly in our daily life. So, it not only brings us the convenience in water use, but also create a very good market for all of our loyal client. Thanks for that, we won a very good fortune for them.

       For the details function reading of our inverter, you can directly look through our recent article. And if you interested in them, please don’t forget to come to us. 

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