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Bedford's Solar Pumping Systems Become A Hit in the Global Market
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Bedford's Solar Pumping Systems Become A Hit in the Global Market

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Solar-powered systems are on the rise all over the world. One particularly useful application of solar power is in water pumping systems. The need for a clean, consistent water supply is higher than before, especially for remote locations. Traditionally pumps are powered by diesel or electric power and have many disadvantages, including extra costs, air and noise pollution, high maintenance costs, and short life expectancy. Consequently, it becomes even more difficult for underdeveloped areas where not everyone can afford fuel to operate pumps.


A solar pumping system is designed to tackle these issues and provide a more sustainable water pumping solution.

Bedfords Solar Pumping System

Bedford's Solar Pumping System


Solar pumping systems are in demand as the world shifts to more sustainable energy sources; Bedford is one of the pioneer suppliers of quality solar water pump system controllers. Bedford solar power controllers are designed to assist PV (photo-voltaic) cells in powering water pumps efficiently using stored water instead of batteries. It can drive maximum output through its MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) algorithm paired with the PV control.


Bedford solar pumping systems aim to provide sustainable solar-powered applications in water pumps to provide water for livestock, crop irrigation, and household needs. Its vast applications are attractive for many water supply users and across chemical plants and liquid storage systems.


How Does A Solar Pumping System Work?


Before we move further, we must first understand how a solar water pumping system works, its various components, and its operating principles.




A water storage tank

AC water pump

MPPT solar pump inverter

Solar panels array

Electric cables

A breaker/fuse box


The Operating Principle of Solar Pumping System


Before the operation, the solar energy needs to be absorbed and converted by the solar water pump system. The system mainly consists of a solar pump inverter, solar panels, and a water pump. In addition, it eliminates the need for energy storage devices such as batteries, and the converted solar power drives the pump directly. It is a new and efficient energy-saving water pumping system with water storage instead of electricity storage.


Here one has to argue that PV cells are dependent on the sun's energy, and therefore their output should fluctuate, as does the sun's intensity (or absence as seen at night). So it is why Bedford has incorporated the MPPT solar charge controller.


It is set to provide maximum power with available power and improve efficiency during low sunlight.


It can also detect water levels in your reservoir and turn off or switch to low when it reaches a certain level.

The WLD280 Solar PV Water Pump Controller

The WLD280 Solar PV Water Pump Controller


The WLD280 Solar PV water pump controller is an excellent addition to any solar water pump system. It allows for an environmentally friendly and economical power supply for water pumps to function. Here are some notable features:


It provides users with efficient power generation through its advanced MPPT technology, which monitors the maximum power point and regulates the current output of the PV array.


It allows for automatically adjusting water output according to available sunlight and detecting low/high levels of water in reservoirs to start or stop pumping water. This way, your system is more efficient, has minimum power loss, and drives maximum output.


The controller is built using quality state-of-the-art materials for longer life expectancy and low maintenance costs. They are incredibly versatile, with plenty of applications in water supply systems.


The MPPT solar controller can also have the PV array operate at a voltage closer to the maximum power point to draw maximum power.

Bedford Solar Pumping System

How Can A Bedford Solar Pumping System Help You?


Several benefits set our solar PV water pump controller apart from our competitors. Here is a quick overview of what you can get from a solar pumping system.


l   Economic

The first reason is that solar water pumps powered by the B503DLS controllers are far more economical. Since our products are automated to adjust motor speed and output according to illumination levels and become dormant when sunlight is no longer available, you can expect the reliability of your system to improve, reducing overall costs on your system.


l   Social

The WLD280 controller can be used in solar pumps that are off-grid or do not use fossil fuel resources for power supply. It makes them a perfect solution for remote or off-grid areas and does not have the means to get other power sources to drive their water pumps. Their versatility is also a significant factor to consider here since they will provide water for irrigation and livestock and provide a clean drinking water supply.


l   Environment

Solar pump controllers such as the WLD280 controllers are sustainable energy solutions for solar-powered water pump systems. They are 100% capable of replacing the use of diesel and other fossil fuel energy sources in driving pumps and instead provide clean green energy.


Our solar pumping system does not emit any dangerous greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, reducing air pollution risks. While many traditional systems can be noisy and bulky, B503DLS controllers are far smaller in size and do not create as much noise, therefore, lowering noise pollution.


Bedford- A Trusted Supplier of Inverters and Pumps for Water Supply Systems


Finding the right solar-powered pump inverter or controller can be a hassle; with so many companies popping up, you can't differentiate between quality products and defective designs. Luckily for you, Bedford is here to assist you. Since its inception in 2007, we have provided our users with quality solutions for water pump systems.


Today, Bedford is one of the world's leading suppliers of inverters and pumps that can be integrated into water supply systems. We aim to provide users with innovative inverter solutions for stable water supply systems worldwide. Today we only use genuine materials, state-of-the-art technology, and powerful developer software to manufacture our products!




Are you not sure where to look for a solar pumping system? Make your life easier and browse through Bedford's incredible catalog. Our innovative clean and green energy solutions are worth a look! Moreover, our products are built using quality materials that will boost the life expectancy of your systems. Check out our website for more insight on the products we offer!



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