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How Bedford Inverters Reach To You
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How Bedford Inverters Reach To You

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Part 1 Bedford

Guangzhou Bedford Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. first started its business in the field of inverters in 1993. We have our own independent R&D team as well as a complete production, sales, logistics and after-sales team. Therefore, we have the ability to make the products you need, even customized products, according to your ideas and deliver them efficiently. And because of this, we are able to ensure that every aspect of our products meets the strictest Bedford standards.

If you want to know the environment where we store raw materials, the production inverter workshop, the details of shipping and packaging, etc., we can show you every picture in detail according to your requirements. This is the advantage of our factory, which cannot be done by trading companies. If you want to witness all this with your own eyes, contact our sales staff and they will take you on a video tour of our whole factory.


Part 2 The birth of a product

A product that meets the needs of consumers is the one they like, so before developing a product we need to do the work of studying the needs of consumers in the market. So if you have your own ideas, please contact our sales staff to give them your opinion.

After getting the design basis, our team of R&D engineers will keep working on the design, manufacturing, programming and testing. After the final sample comes out, we will wake up some evaluation of the product, such as the most common CE certification which is essential. After that, we will mass produce and promote the product, and then the product will be officially launched to the global market.

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Part 3 Production Process

Bedford's production process is open to you, so if you want to know the specific production process, you can let our sales staff lead you to visit. Our products are 100% power-on tested, 100% high-temperature room aging tested, and 100% load tested to finalize the production for packaging and sales. These goods will then be stored in the warehouse for shipment.


Part 4 Preparing for shipment

Bedford offers a variety of services, if your warehouse is in Guangzhou, we will use our own shipping department to deliver the goods to your warehouse within one day. In addition, Bedford offers a variety of shipping services, such as by express, rail, air, and sea. We have dozens of partner shipping companies, and we will provide you with the one with best service and the best price.


Part 5 After-sales service

After you confirm the receipt of our goods, our service is still valid even after the warranty period has expired. If you have any technical problems, or any parameter setting of the inverter, we can help you. The inverter reaches you, and our services will always be with you.


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