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How Does an Automatic Pressure Pump Controller Work in the Pressure Pump Station?
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How Does an Automatic Pressure Pump Controller Work in the Pressure Pump Station?

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Pressure pump stations are critically important to maintain the water flow of any residential or industrial area. Without these pumping stations, it is nearly impossible to serve the consumers downstream, which will eventually create an unpleasant user experience. So pumping stations are the backbone of any water distribution facility.

As these stations have to serve the consumers spread in a big locality, they need some important devices in order to make the water distribution possible. One such component of the pressure pump stations is the automatic pressure pump controller, which works intelligently to maintain the pressure of the water supply. Eventually, these automatic pressure pump controllerswill provide a better user experience.

Working Principle of the Automatic Pressure Pump Controller

An automatic pressure pump controller is a feedback controller which measures the outputpressure in order to control the input pressure variables. A controller starts acting according to the water pressure values given to it by operators and continues to work in order to maintain the constant pressure of water for consumers.

When you install these controllers in the pumping stations, you allow them to measure the outlet pressure and communicate it with the inlet machinery. The consumers who are using the water will eventually keep on experiencing the smooth flow of water since the controller takes care of the pressure drop from time to time.

If the downstream pressure decreases, the controller allows the pump to increase its capacity to maintain the required pressure. Similarly, when the consumption is too low compared downstream, the controller will stop the pump unless the need arises to maintain the pressure again.


In this way, the process continues, and the automatic pressure pump controller keeps on mitigating any problems that may arise during the pumping cycle. The need for automatic pressure pump controllers increases even significantly in the case of pressure pump stations, as these stations have to maintain the water supply over the course of long pipelines.

So, these controllers rely on their sensors and data to work intelligently and make the downstream water supply constant.

Why Is Automatic Pressure Pump Controller Applied to Pumping Stations?

Some of the benefits of using an automatic pressure pump controller in pressure pumps stations include:

  • It helps in reducing the maintenance costs of the whole unit since it switches the pumps on and off in a timely manner to avoid any damage.

  • These pumps save you electricity by ensuring that pumps only work at their maximum capacity when they are required to do it.

  • People continue receiving the constant water pressure, which makes their daily routine pleasant.


Recommend Bedford W713B

  •  Advantages

Bedford introduces a state-of-the-art automatic pump controller W713B, which promises high performance even in highly sophisticated units. Using this pump can bring you the following advantages.

  • W713B can coordinate with multiple pumps at the same time. You can control the linkage supply of a maximum of 6 pumps using them.

  • It saves you electricity by sleeping down at the time when water is not consumed.

  • This variable frequency drive pump controller helps you clean the pipes’ dirt and remove any clogging whatsoever.

  • These water pump controllers will provide an efficient inter-pump communication mechanism to balance the running time of every pump when more than one pump is attached.

  • Helps you maintain constant pressure, temperature, and differential pressure.

  • This automatic pressure pump controller has highly advanced fault protection mechanisms to tackle over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, over-temperature, and phase loss issues.

  • It can be controlled digitally.

  • W713B pump controllers can be used for a whole lot of industrial as well as domestic applications.

  •  Features

    Some of the features of the W713B series include:

  • The availability of alarms in these automatic pressure pump controllers makes them highly efficient in reporting potential damage.

  • Switching among different pumps when more than one pump is attached to ensure the safety of the troubling pump.

  • Highly reliable for various water distribution applications.

  • IP54 waterproof

  • A variety of environment and forms installation,mounted on walls or pump installation.

  • Pump equipped with our pump frequency converter, the operation will be quieter.

Wrapping Up

Bedford serves a variety of residential and industrial setups usingvaluable water supply equipment. Some beneficiaries of this equipment include large communities, buildings, hospitals, villas, and water distribution centers in different industries.With a customer base in more than 70 countries, we are still expanding at an appreciable pace, making us an integral part of today’s water distribution systems.

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