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Solar Pump Inverter: A Great Helper In Farmland
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Solar Pump Inverter: A Great Helper In Farmland

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Water pumps are incredibly useful in a number of different situations. From draining the basement after fluid or filling the pool with water quickly and effectively, there are numerous potential uses for water pumps. These pumps are also incredibly valuable in the farmland. One problem, however, is the fact that water pumps require a source of power to operate, which can be problematic when the pump is placed nowhere close to a power line.

This is where a solar pump inverter can become an incredibly helpful addition to the equipment used in the farmlands. A solar pump inverter focuses on drawing energy from UV rays, then converting the DC current to an AC output. This allows the operator to use the inverter to provide a power source for the water pumps that they use.


  The Use of A Solar Pump Inverter In Farmland  

There are several scenarios where water pumps may be used in a farmland environment. On a farm, hydration plays a key role in the upbringing of crops. When there is insufficient water provided to crops, then the farmland may experience a dry season. This can lead to significant losses. On the other hand, when there is a flood or heavy rain, it can cause serious damage to certain crops. This delays the time it would take for the crops to be ready for harvesting.

These are scenarios where not only water pumps but also a solar pump inverter can be incredibly useful. Power lines and extension cords are generally not something that is readily available on the lands. This is why alternative energy sources need to be considered when working with crops on farmland. A solar pump inverter reduces the need for expensive batteries and uses the sun’s UV rays in order to generate a sufficient amount of power for the water pump to run effectively.


  Why We Supply Solar Pump Inverters For Farmland Irrigation Systems  

We prefer to supply a water pump inverter, especially a solar pump inverter, to clients who require a remote power system for their farmland irrigation solutions. This particular automatic pump control solution holds several benefits over alternatives, such as:

●       They power up automatically in the morning once the sun is out, which reduces the need for manual human input.

●       They can be implemented to work throughout the entire day while there is sunlight available.

●       The anti-jamming capability of these systems also contributes to how they can provide an effective solution that requires little maintenance during operating hours.

●       The use of solar panels ensures there is no need for investment into batteries that can be used to power up these water pump solutions. This can significantly reduce the overall costs that are associated with setting up a pump inverter system that is appropriate for off-grid usage.

●       These solutions also provide several automatic control functions that can make adjustments according to the level of power that the current UV exposure rate can produce.

  A Look At The WLD280 Solar Photovoltaic Pump Controller for Farmland  

One of the most effective solutions on the market is the WLD280 Solar Photovoltaic Pump Controller, especially when it comes to using an MPPT solar inverter for farmland purposes. This is a complete controller solution that helps to maximize the amount of energy that can be produced through UV exposure. The construction of the device also helps to give you a greater water output in similar conditions compared to some of the other popular controller options.

The WLD280 provides voltage levels that are acceptable in all areas of the world. In addition to providing a conversion system that helps to convert the DC solar input to an appropriate AC output, this system also gives you full control over numerous functions to customize how the inverter incorporates with the farmland’s irrigation system. There are also automatic adjustment functions that can be used for further convenience.



Bedford offers a wide selection of solar pump VFD solutions that farms can use in order to improve the efficacy of their irrigation systems. This includes the WLD280 Solar Photovoltaic Pump Controller, along with inverters and other systems that can help farms set up solutions that do not require additional power sources, such as extension cords or additional batteries. Several other solar-powered system options are available from Bedford that can supply efficient solutions in other areas of the farmland too.

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