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Solar pumping system
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Bedford’s Solar Pump Inverter WLD280 Applied in the Middle East
It’s a time when the whole world is switching to solar energy, and the use of solar energy in pumping systems could greatly help and accelerate agricultural development in Middle Eastern countries and many other poor and remote areas. The concept is called solar irrigation, and it is used in many areas today.

The main tool in solar irrigation is the solar pump inverter, which is a clean, simple, and energy-efficient alternative to conventional electric pumps and fuel-driven pump sets. Using solar pump inverters is a practical solution for sunny areas. They are an essential part of an environmentally friendly approach to agriculture that can be used to develop every area, whether it is developed or poor.

Due to their great potential for productive uses and agricultural productivity, solar pumps are now powering a growing number of agricultural projects. 40% of the global population relies on agriculture as their main source of income.
WLD280 solar pump inverter
WLD280 solar water pump inverter
Working Principle of a Solar Pump Inverter in Sunny Areas
A solar pump inverter is an essential part of the solar pumping system. The main difference between a solar pump inverter and a conventional pump inverter is the power. Solar pump inverters rely on solar panels to operate the equipment. The solar panels can be built into the device or a separate structure connected to the pump via wires. Solar panels then power the device, allowing it to work independently of any existing electrical systems.

Accordingly, the solar pump inverter should be installed in sunny areas so that the solar panel can work. Solar pump inverters range in size from small pumps to powered fountains, as well as larger pumps for pumping water from underground aquifers. On the other hand, built-in panels are usually used for smaller pumps, while larger pumps require separate installation.

So how can solar pump inverters benefit residents in sunny areas like the Middle East? Let’s delve into the discussion.​​​​​​​
The cost is lower
The solar pump inverter is a cost-effective choice since it can be operated using DC motors, solar panels, DC power, or batteries. The concept is simple - if the sun is shining, the pump is running. If the sun doesn’t shine, just turn off the pump. Moreover, it’s convenient to install; customers can easily install the device on their own.
Saving energy and protecting the environment
It’s energy-efficient because there’s no fuel cost. The solar pumping inverter only produces water when it is most needed - during the hot and dry months of the year.​​​​​​​
No need for a human to maintain
The solar pump inverter is of low maintenance because it can be operated unattended. There’s no extra charge for the maintenance.​​​​​​​
Recommend Bedford’s WLD280Features and advantages
If you’re looking for an ideal solar pump controller. Look no further than WLD280 of Bedford. It’s the newest product of Bedford, equipped with advanced technology.
Some of its’ outstanding features include:

Well-adapted to local conditions
Reducing the cost
Energy saving
Under and over-voltage protection
Auto sleep 
High-precision MPPT technology
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    The WLD280 is the wise choice for the Middle Eastern countries’ solar pumping.
Why Choose Bedford?​​​​​​​
With decades of refinement, Bedford is committed to providing the best product. We are dedicated to helping customers from all over the world to build stable water supply systems and provide the highest quality products and services tailored to different needs. For more information about solar pump inverters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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