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Upgrade Your Water Supply System With This Automatic Water Pump Controller
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Upgrade Your Water Supply System With This Automatic Water Pump Controller

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Upgrade Your Water Supply System With This Automatic Water Pump Controller

A water supply system consists of multiple parts, all working together in order to push water to specific lines. In addition to the pipes that help with the transportation of water, you also have to focus on the controllers that help with the regulation of water pressure and supply. While there are different types of these system options available, most will agree that an automatic water pump controller offers the greatest level of efficacy. An automatic pump control system does not require manual intervention in order to regulate water supply, and can be used in a diverse selection of environments.

Applications of Automatic Water Pump Controller

There are numerous areas where automatic water pump controllers can be exceptionally useful - in both commercial and residential settings. In this section, we consider some of the most common applications of an intelligent pump controller to assist with the functionality of a water supply system.

1. Residential Area: The use of an automatic water pump controller in a residential region allows water to be distributed at a consistent pressure level to houses that are situated in a specific area.

2. Office Buildings: Office buildings can also benefit from the use of an automatic water pump controller. In these settings, the controller helps with the distribution of a water flow to multiple levels of the building, which provides access to water in both bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Shopping Centers: A water supply is required in public bathrooms that are installed in shopping centers, as well as in cases where a shop makes food that requires access to water. An automatic pump control system effectively distributes water to all of these facilities.

4. Stadiums: Water supply systems that use an automatic controller provide an efficient way to deliver water toward bathrooms at a stadium, as well as outdoor taps that offer sports participants access to hydration.

5. Hotels: In hotels, clean water supply is critical, which is why an automatic pump controller is something to consider. This helps to reduce problems like water being unable to reach certain rooms or bathrooms on the higher floors in the hotel.

6. Farms: There are numerous areas where an automatic water pump controller can provide convenience on a farm. These pumps can be used to deliver water toward irrigation systems, sprayers, and houses that are present on the farmland.

Common Failures of Automatic Water Pump Controllers

While an automatic water pump controller is very useful and convenient, there are some common issues that you may face when you use these systems. By understanding what the most common issues are, it is easier to identify a problem when you find that the controller does not function as you expect it to.

1. Internal Blockage: A blockage that occurs within the pump system can cause W713B Water Supply System provides you with a series of functions that are perfect for both commercial and residential settings. The system features an IP54 rating and can be linked with up to six pumps. It has an automatic sleep mode, which adds an energy saving element to the design of this system. These systems also offer an automatic restart function in the case of a power interruption and have an automatic master fault shift setting. There are several modes that you can choose from too, which ensures the controller offers an appropriate supply of water at the right temperature based on the application that you use it for.


Bedford offers a wide selection of equipment that forms part of water supply systems. The commercial quality construction of these systems ensures the equipment lasts for an extended period of time. We also specializes in providing customers with professional support to ensure they understand which equipment provides them with the most appropriate functionality based on the requirements of your project.

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