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What is PV MPPT and how does it work? What does it do?
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What is PV MPPT and how does it work? What does it do?

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PV inverter is the core component in PV power generation system, and MPPT technology is the core technology of PV inverter, then, what is PV MPPT?

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system is a kind of electrical system. It can make the photovoltaic panels output more electricity by adjusting the working state of the electrical modules.

It can effectively solve the domestic and industrial electricity consumption in remote areas and tourist areas. Where did not covered by the conventional power grid. The most importantly, it won’t create any environmental pollution.

The MPPT controller detects the power generation voltage of solar panels in real time. What’s more, it tracks the highest voltage and current value (VI) to enable the system to charge the battery with maximum power output. It is applied in solar PV system to coordinate the work of solar panel, battery and load. Generally speaking, it is the brain of PV system.

        In a nutshell, the MPPT controller tracks the maximum power point in the solar panel in real time to bring out the maximum efficiency of the solar panel. The higher the voltage, the more power can be output by maximum power tracking, thus increasing the charging efficiency.

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