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What is Variable Frequency Pump?
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What is Variable Frequency Pump?

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Water pump is a machine that can increase the pressure of water. 

For example, used in the life of the tap water booster, fish tank, agricultural irrigation and other uses. 

The pump has divided into variable frequency pump and ordinary pumps. So what is the variable frequency pump? Let's take a look.



What is variable frequency pump?

Variable frequency pump is to use the peak speed of water to increase the rotational speed and increase the flow. The low flow of water will automatically reduce the rotational speed to achieve the purpose of saving energy consumption. 

Unlike ordinary water pumps, the motor speed of this pump can be changed by the frequency of the motor, and it can control the size of the water flow. It is usually used in the water supply for higher floors.


What are the characteristics of the Variable frequency pump?

1, Easy to install, convenient to use, the parameters of the pump are measured well in one machine. No need to buy other accessories, management is more convenient;  Easy to operate.

2, Simple and flexible settings. Users are able to choose the right module according to their needs, more flexible than the common usage. 

3Diversified display page, the page provides three ways of digital display meter, pointer and matrix, and more humanized.

4The area occupied is small, the input is also less, and the efficiency is very high.

5, The operation is very reasonable, the torque and wear phenomenon above the shaft is less, which improves the service life of the pump.


What is the difference between ordinary water pump and variable frequency water pump?

1, The motor of the variable frequency pump uses a separate ventilation fan of the inverter motor, solving the problem of heat dissipation when the motor is running at low speed. 

2, The main function of the variable frequency pump is to be able to maintain constant water pressure, while the ordinary water pump will not be able to do.

3Variable frequency pump can adjust the speed and flow rate at any time, while the ordinary water pump can only drive the pump through the motor, and cannot adjust the flow rate, so it can't achieve the effect of energy saving.


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