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What should we do after the inverter water damage?
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What should we do after the inverter water damage?

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 1. Water damage with no inverter operation

First of all it must not power up! We can first open the inverter panel and dry all parts of the inverter inside with a dry towel. Then use a hairdryer to dry the display, PC board, propulsion board, power components, fan, etc. with cold air. Do not use hot air at this time. If the temperature is too high, the internal components of the inverter will easily burn out. It is best to scrub the above components with 95% alcohol. (Alcohol takes up most of the water in evaporation) Dry again with cold air from a hairdryer. Leave in a cool, windy place for an hour, then rewash with alcohol when it is dry. Turn on the hairdryer again and blow through with warm air.

Potentiometers, switching power transformers, displays (buttons), continuators, contactors, reactors, fans (especially 220V), electrolytic capacitors, IGBT modules, must be dried several times at low temperature. Switching power supply transformers, contactors and modules are the most important and require more attention. Sometimes the module may appear to dry out, but in fact there is still water inside. Leave in a dry environment for a day and then check to make sure that all parts are dry. And dry the key components once more. First power on after drying, turn it off the first second after powering on. The purpose is to see how the inverter responds. If there is no problem with the electricity, it will usually work normally.

2. Water damage while inverter in operation

Water damage while inverter is running, power off immediately. If no internal short circuit burning, repeat the above steps. If there is a short circuit in a part that burns out. Must find a professional inverter engineers to repair. Or return to the factory for repair.


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