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Why Frequency Conversion Constant Pressure Water Supply System So Popular?
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Why Frequency Conversion Constant Pressure Water Supply System So Popular?

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Constant pressure water supply is widely using at urban water pipeline system; residential district living fire fighting water system; building central air conditioning cooling circulating water system...

The water pressure in the pipe network can always keep constant at any time, regardless the volume of water consumption. The inverter adjusts the speed of the pump according to the outlet pressure. To achieve the purpose of controlling the constant water pressure of the pipe network.


The water consumption is generally dynamic, and the frequency conversion control of water pump keeps the balance between water supply and water consumption.  For example the water supply is more when more water is using, and the water supply is less when less water is using, thus improving the quality of water supply.


The advantages of inverter to control pump keep constant pressure:

  1. Energy-saving effect is very significant. 

  2. Soft start, avoiding the impact on the grid when starting;

  3. The average speed of the pump is reduced, thus extending the service life of pumps, valves, etc.

  4. Can eliminate the water hammer effect during starts and stops.

  5. Remote control, monitoring of water conditions, pump operation, and settings.


The application of a multi-pump variable frequency constant pressure water supply system is becoming more and more widely use. It replaces the traditional water tower and high water tank, which not only greatly improves the performance of the system, but also saves energy and protects the environment, with good technical and economic benefits.   

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