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Application of Intelligent Water Pump Controller
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Application of Intelligent Water Pump Controller

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Application of Intelligent Water Pump Controller

In modern production automation and buildings, there are a large number of fans and pumps. For cost consideration, buttons and thermal relays are commonly used as control and protection components. The thermal relay itself has design defects, poor repeatability and low reliability. And there are also protection hidden dangers. The traditional pump control method has complex control lines, single function, late maintenance difficulties and other defects. So the traditional pump control obviously cannot meet the information and intelligent function requirements. With the development of micro-controller and the maturity of measurement and protection technology, the traditional pump control method also changes from button indicator to integrated intelligent controller.

Water Pump Room

For that, our B2000B intelligent water pump controller could totally fix all the problem above. B2000B series products are integrated intelligent controllers specially designed for water pumps. B2000B intelligent controllers have superior performance and rich use functions. It can meet the water supply and drainage control in various occasions and improve the quality of the water supply system. And it also meets the national requirements for new technology products of "energy saving, water saving, land saving, material saving and environmental protection".

Three pumps system with B2000B intelligent water pump controller

And its following features is as follows:  

1.Matching LCD touch screen, easy to use.
2.Specially designed for water supply users, adapt to various occasions and applications, easy to operate.
3.After the on-site parameters are set correctly, it can automatically operate at a constant pressure according to the water consumption without human intervention.
4.Automatic shutdown without water supply, automatic alarm for failure.
5.Automatic rotation of mu
lti-pump water supply to balance the service life of water pumps.

6.Adapt to a variety of pressure signal input.

The on-site application of B2000B

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