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B614X series products are integrated single-pump economical intelligent controllers specially designed for water pumps.
B614X intelligent controllers have superior performance and rich use functions.
They are suitable for automatic control of water pumps and have high quality, low noise and versatility.
Once the parameters have been set correctly on site, the pump will automatically run at constant pressure according to the amount of water used, without human intervention.
Automatic shutdown when no one is using water and automatic fault alarm.

Product description

B614X series products are integrated single-pump economical intelligent controllers specially designed for water pumps. B614X intelligent controllers have superior performance and rich use functions. They are suitable for automatic control of water pumps. Features such as noise and versatility.


Specially designed for water supply users, adapt to various occasions and applications, easy to operate.

After the on-site parameters are set correctly, it can automatically operate at constant pressure according to the water consumption without human intervention.

Automatic shutdown when no water consumption, automatic alarm for failure.

Product parameters

Model No

Rated Input Voltage (V)

Input Current


Max. Output

Current (A)

Motor Power















Picture representation


B614X External dimension

Company Contact

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Address: 1st Floor Building C, No.2, Taowan Industry Zone, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China.

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Caution Dangers

1. Do not disassemble or modify, otherwise it may cause electric shock, fire or injury;

2. Do not open the cover during power-on;

3. Do not put wires, thin rods, filaments and other items into or fall into the controller which may cause short circuit or electric shock hazard;

4. After the inverter is energized, even if it is in the stop state, the terminals of the inverter are still live and cannot be touched, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock;

5. Wiring work should be carried out by qualified electrical professionals and construction should be carried out in accordance with electrical regulations.


1. Do not perform voltage withstand test on the internal components of the controller;

2. Never connect the power cord to the output terminals U, V, W;

3. If the circuit board components inside the controller are affected or damaged by static electricity, please do not touch them casually;

4. The motor and controller should match the power supply specifications, otherwise it may cause abnormal operation or even burn the equipment;

5. If there is severe vibration, noise, heat or odor during the initial operation, turn off the power immediately and contact the supplier or service center;

6. Do not expose the product directly to outdoor environments such as sunlight, frost or snow, to avoid deformation or electric shock damage.

7. When the IPM module reaches a certain temperature, the inverter cooling fan will spin. Please do not touch the inverter fan at will.


The following faults may be encountered during the use of the inverter. Please refer to the following methods for simple fault analysis:

Failure phenomenon

Possible reason


Failed to sleep

1. There is water leakage in the outlet pipe;

2. Poor sealing of the check valve;

3. The pressure tank is damaged;

4. Too much environmental electromagnetic interference;

5. Parameter setting error

1. Check the outlet pipe and increase it appropriately

2. Check the check valve

3. Replace the pressure tank

4. The sensor uses shielded wire, and the shielding layer is grounded

5. Confirm the parameters b00.10, b00.11, b00.12, b00.14

Full frequency running, constant pressure control not available

1. No pressure feedback

2. Parameter setting error

3. The water pump is too small

1. Check the pressure sensor and wiring

2. Set b00.23=1 to reset parameters

The motor is noisy

1. The motor is abnormal

2. The motor installation is not stable

3. The inverter carrier is too low

1. Set b00.23=1 to reset parameters

2. Check the motor

3. Properly increase the inverter carrier frequency b00.21

After-sales service

1. The warranty is limited to the inverter itself. Within 12 months from the date of purchase, the inverter will provide free maintenance services if the product is damaged due to malfunctions caused by the product itself within 12 months from the date of purchase.

2. During the warranty period, if something happens, our company will charge a certain amount of maintenance fee depending on the situation.

A. Failure to strictly follow the "Instruction Manual" or exceed the standard requirements in an environment that does not meet the requirements of the "Instruction Manual".

B. Failure caused by self-repair or modification without permission.

C. Faults caused when the inverter is used for abnormal functions.

D. The inverter is damaged due to incorrect wiring.

E. Damage caused by improper storage, fall or other external factors after purchase.

F. Failures caused by natural disasters such as abnormal voltage, lightning, fire, water mist, metal dust, gas corrosion, earthquakes, storms, or disaster-related causes.

G. Tear off the product identification (such as nameplate, etc.) without authorization; the serial number of the body does not match the warranty card.

3. If you have any questions, please contact the agent or contact our company directly.

4. For machines beyond the warranty period, our company will also provide lifetime paid maintenance services.

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