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Frequency Inverter Brings Revolution to Industrial Washing Equipment
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Frequency Inverter Brings Revolution to Industrial Washing Equipment

Views: 11     Author: Edgar     Publish Time: 2022-08-19      Origin: www.bedford.com.cn

In the past, washing equipment was driven by an on-off switch or constant voltage. The use of a frequency inverter has brought revolutionary development in drive technology, and now it is one of the most useful electrical devices used in industrial washing equipment.

Industrial washing equipment has high requirements for the voltage and power supply system. With the help of a frequency inverter, also called AC Drive, or VFD (variable frequency drive). The frequency inverter adjusts the motor speed by changing the voltage and frequency of the output end.

In this article, we will take a look at the benefits of using a frequency inverter in the industrial washing equipment and recommend a specific model that has been tested and proven to be a good choice.

How Frequency Inverters Help Industrial Washing Equipment

Frequency inverters help industrial washing equipment with a wide range of features that make them ideal for a variety of applications. These devices are used to provide stable, and the right frequency power to machinery.

They can be used to optimize the performance of motors by controlling their speed and torque with output frequency and output voltage. They can significantly improve the overall productivity of an operation.

There are many reasons why you should consider using a variable frequency inverter in your industrial washing equipment. Here are a few:

  • It can help to save energy by reducing the amount of electricity needed for starting the spindle and motor. This means you can use less power and still get a high-quality operation.

  • It can provide an adjustable starting current for soft starters so that machines can start more smoothly and reliably.

  • It's also easy to adjust the torque limit on the frequency inverter so that it doesn’t overload the motor or spindle. This allows users to fine-tune their application’s performance needs by adjusting these settings from within the factory settings menu.

  • If you need to change the direction of rotation or make other adjustments, an inverter will quickly do what you want without any complicated mechanical parts involved.

  • It is simple to install and provides long-term benefits because it requires little maintenance or upkeep over time.

Bedford’s B503PRO Frequency Inverter

The B503PRO, manufactured by Bedford, is a general-purpose vector frequency inverter that can be used to control output voltage frequency and magnitude for optimum torque control. It has a variety of features and advantages that make it the best practice for this job.

This inverter has multiple frequency settings, and it can switch between different combinations of these settings. It has a speed trace function, which allows you to start the motor smoothly and accurately set the speed of your power supply. Its multiple-step speed control system allows you to set 16 maximum stages, so you can adjust the speed as needed.

The B503PRO also has an automatic voltage regulation function which can prevent overcurrent and over/under voltage in each stage and keeps output constant even if the load changes abruptly. It is equipped with a built-in PID control function which can be used to monitor and control the input voltage of external equipment.

Its traverse control function allows you to change frequencies quickly. It has a quick current-limiting function that lets you quickly limit the amount of power flowing through your frequency inverter at any given time. It also has an instant power-off function that allows you to turn off power at your convenience quickly. It is easy to install and requires no special knowledge or training in order to use it right out of the box!

This unit comes with a flexible peripheral interface, meaning that it will work with most types of equipment and systems out there today. It has also been designed to meet most of the application fields, such as:

  • Textile machinery

  • Electromotor

  • Foodstuff processing machinery

  • Light industry

  • Pharmacy machinery

The B503PRO frequency inverter can be fine-tuned to your application’s needs. Choose the frequency output that you need, and let the B503PRO do the job for you. The simple and compact design of this machine will help it fit in any environment.

Bedford also has a wide range of products, including a solar pump controller, water pump controller, VFD controlled pump, and constant pressure water supply system. They are designed to work with all kinds of water supplies and can be used for both residential and commercial applications.


Bedford has been in business for more than 15 years and is based in China. We have grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry today and offer a variety of solutions to meet all your needs. If you are looking for a dependable company that can provide you with quality frequency inverters at an affordable price, then Bedford is the right choice for you.