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Will the inverter fan not running affect the inverter?
The core devices of inverters are all IGBT power semiconductor switching elements. When they are operating normally, they generate a lot of heat. If there is no fan to force cooling, its temperature-sensing head will immediately detect (IGBT) overheating and send it to the CPU with an immediate comm
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What is the difference between a centrifugal water pump and a submersible water pump?
What is the difference between a centrifugal water pump and a submersible water pump?Normally a pump has suction and a delivery side. Atmospheric suction for water service features a limitation of roughly 26 feet stumped level. And reduces as you reside at higher elevations.But in many applications,
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In what ways does the inverter protect the motor?
In what ways does the inverter protect the motor?1 Overvoltage protectionThe output of the inverter has a voltage detection function, and the inverter can automatically adjust the output voltage so that the motor does not suffer from overvoltage. Even when the output voltage adjustment fails and the
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What should we do with those inverters that are not use or storage for a long time?
Inverters that are not in use for a long time, require the capacitors to recharge first. Then inverter can connect to normal power.
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Household booster pump motor power how many watt appropriate?
The use of tap water in our daily life is very common. If the water pressure is not enough, we will feel very uncomfortable. For example, slow and little water flow when bathing. It seriously affects our normal use of tap water. This time we should buy and install a home booster pump. There are many
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