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AC Drive

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What is V/F control?
1. What is VF controlFor asynchronous motors, in order to ensure that the motor flux and output force remain unchanged (constant torque). When the motor changes frequency, the ratio of voltage V and frequency F needs to be maintained approximately unchanged. This method is what we called constant vo
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In what ways does the inverter protect the motor?
In what ways does the inverter protect the motor?1 Overvoltage protectionThe output of the inverter has a voltage detection function, and the inverter can automatically adjust the output voltage so that the motor does not suffer from overvoltage. Even when the output voltage adjustment fails and the
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[Enterprise dynamic] Application of Intelligent Water Pump Controller
In production automation and buildings, there are a large number of fans and pumps, and for cost consideration, buttons and thermal relays are commonly used as control and protection components.
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Energy Saving Theory and Effects of Inverter
From the fluid mechanics P(power) = Q(flow) ╳ H(pressure), it can be deduced that the power consumption of the pump motor and the rotational speed is approximated by the relationship of cubed ratio. For example a pump motor power is 55KW, When the speed drops to 4/5 of the original speed, its power
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