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The Ultimate Guide of Constant Pressure Inverter Water Pump
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The Ultimate Guide of Constant Pressure Inverter Water Pump

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The Ultimate Guide of Constant Pressure Inverter Water Pump


Water is an essential component of life. Since prehistoric times, man has always settled in regions with a water supply. When the water ran out, the tribes would move in search of similar land that had its water source. While the world has advanced tremendously since those times, the need for water is the same. A location without a constant supply of water is useless. 


Having a water source alone is insufficient; the water needs enough pressure to flow through the pipes and taps. You can achieve this with an inverter water pump. By installing an inverter water pump, you can rely on consistent water pressure, whether it's in homes, offices, industries, or hotels. 

inverter water pump

What Is An Inverter Water Pump?


An inverter water pump is becoming increasingly popular as it provides constant water pressure, regardless of where it's installed. When people are taking a shower or want to get the washing done quickly, the water pressure drops, then it will spend twice as much time on a simple task that would have been accomplished easily had the water pressure stayed consistent. 


An inverter water pump changes the speed of the pump motor to deliver the same preset pressure of water every time. The pump maintains a stable and constant output of water across all the taps and outlets, no matter how many pieces of appliances are in use, depending on the maximum capacity of the inverter water pump. 


How Does Inverter Water Pump Work?


The inverter helps to convert one voltage or frequency into another. A pump inverter uses the same output voltage but with variable frequency. The fixed speed of a pump motor depends on the mains frequency. Users can vary the pump's speed, flow, and pressure by changing this. The majority of the water pump controllers have a fixed operation pressure. A sensor that detects deviations from the preset pressure is attached to the outlet pipework or built into the inverter itself. If this sensor detects water pressure falling below the set limit, it adjusts the inverter pump to maintain the output pressure of water. Inverter water pumps available in the market may be single-phase, three-phase, or single to three-phase, allowing a three-phase water pump to run from a single-phase supply. 


A constant pressure water pump also has a water pump controller. Commonly known as the inverter, the fixed speed electronic pressure controller responds to the difference in pressure when the water pressure falls below the set level. The response maintains the water pressure at the output, which may be single or multiple. 

Constant Pressure Water Pump

Why Use A Constant Pressure Water Pump?


There are various benefits to using an inverter water pump. Some of these include: 


1. Saves Energy

The low water pressure causes more problems than people realize. When one outlet is using water, the other may end up sputtering. The dishwasher might barely be sprinkling enough water to wash the dishes, and when it's turned on, the sprinkler's water output will dwindle and turn off. All this time, the water pumps are running and using energy, but barely any work gets done. 


By installing an inverter water pump, you will maintain the water pressure across all the outlets at all times. The inverter controls the motor speed through the size of the water consumption. The system can save electricity during operation, and the water consumption is satisfied. In addition, it saves energy and brings clear economic benefits to using frequency-controlled constant pressure pumps.


2. Eliminate Water Hammer

The water hammer effect is a phenomenon of pressure surges. It is caused by the motor being started at full pressure and the flow in the pipeline rapidly increasing from zero to the rated value in a short period, resulting in a huge impact on the pipeline due to the rapid change in liquid flow. The pipes and valves are usually incapable of accommodating such increases in water pressure, which is why water hammers can lead to damaged or even burst pipes. The use of constant pressure inverter water pumps can reduce the flow variation in the pipeline system to an acceptable range by being accelerated and decelerated, thus eliminating water hammers and protecting equipment and pipelines.


3. Extends Water Pump Life

When water pressure is consistently low, the water pump has to work for longer and under stressful conditions, increasing the appliance's wear and tear. However, the constant pressure inverter water pump enables variable frequency starting of the pump, and the starting current can be from zero to the rated motor current. It will reduce the impact of the starting current on the grid and reduce the large inertia speed shock of the equipment during start-up, contributing to longer equipment life.


While a water pump without an inverter may mostly suffer from low pressure, water pressure may sometimes increase surges. The water flows at a preset pressure without going much higher or lower than the designated level by installing an inverter water pump. 


4. Intelligent and Flexible Control

The inverter water pump has remote and local control functions as well as a data transmission interface that can be connected to a control signal or computer control software. Monitoring the water supply data in real-time makes it easy for the user to control the water quantity. Users can also control the timing of the water supply remotely using a computer, eliminating the need for personnel to be on-site to operate it.

inverter pumps

Wide Applications of Inverter Water Pump


Constant pressure inverter water pumps are widely used in industry, agriculture, and domestic water due to their water-saving advantages, power saving, labor-saving, and efficient operation.


Commercial Areas: office buildings, shopping centers

Public Places: stadiums, golf courses, hospitals, schools

Agriculture: orchards, farms

Manufacturing: workshops, food industry

Residential: residential areas, villas


Bedford Inverter Water Pump B1100 Series


To improve the automation level of water supply systems and reduce equipment maintenance and labor costs, it is essential to source quality constant pressure inverter water pumps from a reliable water pump manufacturer. We at Bedford have been deeply involved in intelligent inverter water pump industry for many years, and the B1100 series has been recognized and appreciated by our customers since its launch. It has superior performance and a wealth of features to meet the technical requirements of energy-saving, water-saving, and environmental protection for the use of water supply on various occasions. It has the following functions:


l   Automatically controlled and constant water pressure

l   Automatic constant pressure operation according to the water consumption after the correct setting of the site parameters, without human intervention

l   Intelligent standby mode, which automatically stops when no one is using water

l   Smart alarm mode, with various abnormal fault alarm signals, including high water pressure, low water pressure, abnormal sensor, and controller connection fault




Since our establishment in 2007, we at Bedford have been developing, manufacturing, and selling various water supply equipment and systems. These include a wide range of inverters for water pumps, general-purpose inverters, intelligent constant pressure inverter pumps, inverter constant pressure water supply systems, and solar pumping systems. Our products are sold worldwide and are recognized by our customers for the rising quality and advanced technology. Contact us for the water supply equipment and systems you need!

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