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Useful Business Tips for the Solar Pump Inverter
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Useful Business Tips for the Solar Pump Inverter

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The use of solar solutions for power generation is rising with each passing day. Businesses are looking for ways to cut down their energy costs by finding valuable and efficient alternatives, and that is why people are now installing solar pumping systems.

On top of that, solar pump inverters are reigning over all the other appliances as they are a cost-effective, productive, and eco-friendly energy source with a wide range of applications in this fast-paced world.

The solar pump inverter has MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. This technology is ideal for increasing the output efficiency of solar panels and making full use of solar energy to generate AC power. Moreover, the AC-based solar pump controller has been thriving as it is comparatively more stable and has a longer lifetime.


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Types of Solar Pump Inverters

A solar AC pump inverter is the go-to equipment if you use a large pump system to yield more water, and there are three main types of solar pump inverters used in the market currently:


1.        Solar Pump Inverter With Single-Phase 220-240 VAC Output

This single-phase 220-240 VAC output pump is powered by a three-phase alternating current motor.  It ranges from 0.4 to 5.5KW and is used explicitly in single-phase AC induction motors.


2.        Solar Pump Inverter With A Three-Phase 220-240 VAC Output

The three-phase inverter distributes power into three phases and imports and exports to the grid. By transmitting solar power back to the grid via three connections, it decreases the possibility of a voltage spike.


The whole system consists of a photovoltaic generator, a pump, and a solar pump drive. Since there is no energy storing component in the system, such as a storage battery, this device is more suited for storing water than electricity.


Different manufacturers of water pump inverters provide the feature to pair the device with higher water storage, and its power output ranges from 0.75KW to 55KW. A three-phase solar inverter can transmit three times more power than a single-phase inverter.


3.        Solar Pump Inverter With A Three-Phase 380-460 VAC Output

The recommended Voc for 380-460 VAC output is 621(VDC), Vmpp 540(VDC). It ranges from 0.75KW to 200KW.


solar pump inverter


Applications of the Solar Pump Controllers

It is vital to understand the scale of your projects water usage for your business use. These solar pump inverters have a major impact on your selected motor and pump design. Thus, it is crucial to understand which type of inverter works well with your planned project to get the best constant pressure pump system.


ü  Single-phase inverter of 220/240 VAC matches with single-phase 220-240 VAC input pump

This type of solar water controller pulls water from deep wells, rivers, and lakes and channels it into a storage tank or reservoir. It can also be linked directly to the irrigation system to make farming easier.  Furthermore, this water pump controller can be integrated into a variety of pumps, including centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps, mixed-flow pumps, and deep-well pumps.


ü  Three-phase inverter of 220/240 VAC matches with three-phase 220/240 VAC input pump

On the other hand, a three-phase solar inverter of 220/240 VAC works perfectly well with a three-phase 220/240 VAC input pump, whereas a three-phase 380/460 output solar inverter works with 380/460 solar pump input.


A three-phase solar pump is the best choice if you want to get large water flow from the water pump system. This inverter is widely used in industries and factories where large equipment is operated.


ü  Three-phase inverter of 380-460 VAC matches with three-phase 380/460 VAC input pump

Lately, 3 phase 380 VAC output solar input has a worldwide demand as it supports large water pump systems.


solar pump inverter


The WLD280: The All in One Solar Pump Inverter

Bedford’s WLD280 solar PV controller is an all-in-one inverter. Its multi-functionality enables a single-phase input inverter to output 220-240 VAC and a three-phase inverter to output 220 VAC and 380 VAC at 50/60 Hz. Other outstanding features of the WLD280 solar pump inverter include:


§  Cost-effectiveness

§  Energy and water saving properties

§  Convenient adjustments and measures according to the location

§  Auto sleep

§  Cutting-edge MPPT technology

§  Protection from under and over-voltage spikes

Additionally, the powerhouse can also do the following:

  • If water tank level detection is      required, it can connect a water level sensor to the drive.

  • Connect a remote controller GPRS module      (optional) if remote monitor control is required.



If you are searching for a trustworthy solar pump inverter manufacturer, Bedford is the right choice. Offering superior-quality water supply systems since 2007, we are known worldwide for our innovative, flexible, and quality products. Using only genuine materials with stable software, we ensure to provide products at competitive rates for all types of industries. For more information, please dont hesitate to contact us.

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