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Bedford’s W713B: Best Practice in Water Pump Controller

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Bedfords W713B: Best Practice in Water Pump Controller


  We all know the importance of water, and none of us can survive without water. However, to optimize the water level and manage water pressure, you need to install a water pump controller. Countless industries rely on water pumps to keep their operations running smoothly, including electromotors, foodstuff processing machinery, and pharmacy machinery. In these kinds of industrial applications, the speed of water pumps is directly linked to the efficiency of the entire production process. 


  By controlling the speed of these water pumps, the output of a production line can be increased or decreased to meet demand. In addition to improving production efficiency, it can help save you up to 50% on your energy costs by monitoring and reducing energy use while still keeping your water source running at an optimal level. 


  As an added bonus, this feature also helps reduce any unnecessary wear on the motor itself—which means longer life expectancy and less maintenance overall. If you are thinking about installing a water pump controller, then you must know how these machines work and what types of gadgets might be best for your needs. Read on to know more.



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Working Mechanism of Water Pump Controller

  The water pump controller is a device that uses an automatic control system to regulate the water pressure of a pipe. It consists of a control switch and a solenoid valve. When the water pressure in the pipe reaches a certain value, the controller automatically starts or stops the water pump through the solenoid valve, thereby realizing automatic control of the water pressure in the pipe. It keeps the water pressure stable, thus, avoiding damage to pipes and fittings caused by changes in water pressure.


Different Types of Water Pump Controllers

  There are several types of water pump controllers, including pressure pump controllers, automatic water pump controllers, and float controllers.


Ø Pressure pump controller

  A pressure pump controller uses the pressure of the water to determine whether to shut off the pump. This is desirable for situations involving small spaces or pipes that clog as it shuts off the pump before it bursts.


Ø Automatic water pump controller

  It uses sensors to monitor the temperature and pressure in a piping system and turn off or turn on the pump depending on the risk of danger. This system can be used both indoors and outdoors but require careful monitoring as well because sometimes there may be false alarms or malfunctions that require human intervention to fix.


Ø Float controller

  Float controllers use mechanical float switches to control when the pump turns on and off. They can be placed vertically in the water supply, and they have a high tolerance for debris. If you need a constant flow of water and have a relatively small-scale operation, a float switch is your best option. 




Why Choose Bedfords W713B Water Pump Controller?

  If you’re looking for a water pump controller that will meet the high demands of multiple industries, look no further than Bedford’s W713B water pump controller.


  With the W713B water pump controller, you get all the functions you expect in a water pump controller: a sleep function, freeze-proofing, and fault protection. But the most significant feature of the product is its ability to work with up to six pumps and its independent start/stop switch—maximizing your efficiency and guaranteeing that your business’s needs are met. 




Other Products Offered by Bedford

  Bedford is a market-leading brand that has been manufacturing exceptional quality products for its customers for almost 16 years. Some of our top-rated products are solar pumping systems, water pump controllers, variable frequency drives, and a constant pressure water supply system. Over these years, we have achieved breakthrough results in lean production improvements, so you can totally rely on our products.



  If you’re looking for a pumping supplier that can help you choose and maintain your equipment, Bedford is the place to call. With our reliable products, excellent services, and durable product life, we have gained a solid reputation in the global market in recent years. Bedford has been in this industry for more than a decade and has the relevant experience to ensure that your water pump controller continues running smoothly for years to come. Plus, we cover everything from replacement parts to repairs with a cost-effective method to satisfy our customers to the fullest.

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