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[News event] Bedford's Solar Pumping Systems Become A Hit in the Global Market
Solar-powered systems are on the rise all over the world. One particularly useful application of solar power is in water pumping systems. The need for a clean, consistent water supply is higher than before, especially for remote locations. Traditionally pumps are powered by diesel or electric power
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[Industry News] The Ultimate Guide of Constant Pressure Inverter Water Pump
Water is an essential component of life. Since prehistoric times, man has always settled in regions with a water supply. When the water ran out, the tribes would move in search of similar land that had its water source. While the world has advanced tremendously since those times, the need for water
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How to choose the right variable frequency drive?
Inverter is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology. It is a power control device that controls an AC motor by changing the frequency of the motor's operating power supply. It can save energy, regulate speed, and provide safety protection to the motor. Bedf
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Christmas - Bedford celebrates the world's favorite holiday with you
We hope our gifts will be delivered to your pockets via Santa Claus (or maybe a courier). We have prepare many gifts for you, maybe a B713--Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump Controller, maybe a B505--General Purpose Vector Frequency Inverter, or maybe a WLD280--Solar Pumping Inverter.
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Bedford was awarded as a national "Small Giant" enterprise
Bedford was awarded as a national "Small Giant" enterpriseRecently, the third batch of "Small Giant" enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was announced and approved, and a total of 2930 enterprises were selected nationwide. Bedford Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. located
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