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WLD190 series intelligent constant pressure single pump inverter applications
The WLD190 series is an intelligent, single-pump, economical controller. Very popular with household end-user.
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What is V/F control?
1. What is VF controlFor asynchronous motors, in order to ensure that the motor flux and output force remain unchanged (constant torque). When the motor changes frequency, the ratio of voltage V and frequency F needs to be maintained approximately unchanged. This method is what we called constant vo
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What should we do after the inverter water damage?
How should the inverter handling after water damage in the non-electric state?
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What are the requirements for the working environment of the inverter?
What are the requirements for the working environment of the inverter?The frequency converter can work safely and reliably only in the specified environment, and if the environmental conditions do not meet its requirements, the corresponding improvement measures should be taken.The operating environ
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Will the inverter fan not running affect the inverter?
The core devices of inverters are all IGBT power semiconductor switching elements. When they are operating normally, they generate a lot of heat. If there is no fan to force cooling, its temperature-sensing head will immediately detect (IGBT) overheating and send it to the CPU with an immediate comm
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